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Helium Leak Detector Hire

Capital investment in a helium leak detector is not always an option for customers but leaks in vacuum systems or manufactured components still need to be located and fixed as rapidly and effficiently as possible.

West Technology offers the following options for hire of helium leak detectors:

  • WeeklyHire (Leak Detector + Accessories*)
  • Monthly Hire (Leak Detector + Accessories*)

* All required accessories to carry out the leak detection applications including:

  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Vacuum Fittings and Valves
  • Sniffer Probes

Please Note: We do not supply helium test gas

If you require a quote, please contact our sales team on 01454 329898 or email

Loan units are available while leak detectors are being calibrated and serviced. *These can be offered free of charge with a service contract or negotiated.

*Please note that these are due to availability

For customers who do not have experience, we can provide an engineer with the leak detector hire