The new Pfeiffer HiScroll pump

The vacuum industry is full of innovations to meet the needs of modern industry. Like many companies that are switching to ‘dry pumps’ from the traditional oil sealed rotary vane pumps, Pfeiffer have also launched a new scroll pump!

This new ‘HiScroll’ has a very impressive specification and will suit the needs of many demanding applications. It is remarkably quite, 48 dB(A) (emission sound pressure level EN ISO 2151) and has very little vibration. Pumping capacities of 6, 12 and 18 m3/h and an ultimate vacuum pressure of 3 x 10-2 mbar.

A fantastic optional addition is the Piezo/Pirani Sensor which is built into the pump to monitor pressure. You can easily integrate this pump with your existing Pfeiffer products, such as turbo pumps, display and control units, via RS-485 and ProfiNet.

The gas ballast has two levels which enables fantastic moisture pumping capabilities.

West Technology are an approved Pfeiffer UK Service Centre, and ready to maintain your new HiScroll for years to come.


Pfeiffer scroll

Key Benefits
  • No hydrocarbons: Absolutely dry and oil-free vacuum pump
  • Low noise level, little vibration and compact design for use in the laboratory
  • Safe operation due to integrated safety valve and hermetically sealed pump system
  • Industry 4.0: Operation with other intelligent products by Pfeiffer Vacuum, such as turbopumps via RS-485
  • Low COO thanks to highest quality, short service times and long maintenance intervals
  • Quiet, self-regulating air cooling system
  • Performance as required: Stable pumping speed and short cycle times
  • Comfort and efficiency: Stand-by mode and automatic pressure control due to RPM regulation (optional)
  • Sustainable: 15% higher motor efficiency, resulting in less heat generation and lower cooling requirements
  • Easy logistics: HiScroll pumps can be operated at any voltage
  • Minimal maintenance costs due to easy service concept