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Formed in 1993 as a specialist vacuum engineering company to provide custom made medium and high vacuum systems, the company rapidly developed its business and within a few years had established an unrivalled reputation for innovative design and manufacture of a broad range of custom vacuum systems.

The demand for these systems came from a wide range of industrial and academic customers, including many blue chip companies and world-leading universities.

In 1996, West Technology was invited by a leading establishment for forensic research and development to take a fresh look at the Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD) technique, in light of new process developments and an outdated range of aging VMD systems that could not meet the demands of the modern forensic laboratory. This led to the introduction in 1998 of our VMD900 system. This system quickly became the standard system throughout the UK and established West Technology in the forensic market.

Our continued commitment to improving our VMD systems, with the goal of making this powerful process more accessible to police forces and forensic laboratories around the world, has led to many product innovations, including the launch of the compact VMD560 in 2009, the introduction of the world’s first ever bench top VMD system – the VMD360 in 2014 and most recently the VMD1260.

West Technology is committed to using our specialist knowledge of vacuum technology and our passion for vacuum engineering, to create new, exciting products for use by forensic providers.

West Technology is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company.

ISO 9001-2015 QA Certificate 2023-2024

West Technology is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of Vacuum Metal Deposition systems