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Introducing the VMD160 – The world’s only portable VMD system

You asked, we listened!

West Technology Forensics has spent years of research and development to create the world’s first and only portable VMD system to revolutionize forensic science. With the VMD160, West Technology Forensics is making the process of forensic investigation faster and more accessible.

This machine is lightweight (only 37kg) and comes in an IP67-rated storm case with a telescopic handle and in-line wheels. It’s also dust-tight and watertight, making it well-protected and portable at the same time.

It is perfect for fieldwork, remote investigations, and on-site analysis.

The VMD160 is a suitably sized unit for processing smaller objects that are non- or semi-porous. By utilizing the silver or sterling silver/zinc processes, forensic scientists can effectively and swiftly examine these substrates in just 15 minutes, ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in evidence processing.

The machine requires no installation and is ready to be used straight away with very little setup required.

The VMD160 is an affordable option for all laboratories and universities worldwide.

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