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NEW 2019 VMD560

Developing fingermarks using VMD has never been so simple thanks to the latest version of the VMD560. The new system has been designed by forensic scientists to ensure consistent and uniform latent fingerprint development on even the most difficult of surfaces.

Quick & Simple Operation

The VMD560 is operated via an intuitive, simple to use icon-based touch control screen. The new unique semi-automatic control system and advanced vacuum technology provides quick and easy processing of evidence, typically in <10 minutes from start to finish.

The addition of a 3rd evaporation source allow for up to 3 metal evaporation’s in a single VMD process, e.g. gold + zinc + silver, resulting in rapid fingermark development.

New Features

-Centralised evaporation source
-Improved process lighting
-HD full colour touch control screen
-Innovative quick release evaporation sources
-Easy to use icon driven controls
-Automatic zinc pressure control


 Innovative Design

One major development of the new VMD560 is the optimisation of the evopration sources, ensuring fingermarks can be uniformly developed no matter where they are situated on the evidence holder.

Other upgrades such as the timed start function means the system can be instantly ready to use so that evidence can be processed immediately, increasing work flow and saving valuable time.

Category “A” Fingerprint Development Process

The VMD process has the highest recommendation awarded by the UK Home Office for fingermark development techniques.

VMD is recommended by the UK Home Office for:
-Items exposed to high temperatures (the only process recommended for temperatures exceeding 500+°C)
-Items where fingermark residue may have been removed
-Aged prints
-Items that have been previously wetted or submerged

Other Key Benefits of VMD

-Rapid fingermark development process
-Low cost per run thanks to new single metal processes
-Very simple to use (semi-automated)
-Proven to develop fingermarks on difficult items such as fabrics and fired ammunition
-Fingermarks 20+ years old successfully developed
-Proven to develop fingermarks on wiped or cleaned surfaces
-Low interference on subsequent DNA testing
-Extremely safe process with no filtration needed
-Used operationally by Law Enforcement worldwide for 30+ years

For more details on the VMD560 specification, click the following link: VMD560