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New Forensic Scientist joins our team!

We are excited to announce the addition of Anita Horvath to the West Technology Forensics team. Anita joins our established research and development team to focus on a range of forensic VMD research projects as well as strengthening our Application Laboratory.

Anita brings a large amount of laboratory experience as she previously worked at Cellmark Forensic Services as a Forensic Scientist where she was involved mostly with biological evidence and DNA profiling in major crime cases. Her knowledge of DNA will be particularly valuable in our research into the use of forensic VMD for targeting of touch and grab areas on fabrics for subsequent DNA analysis.

Her academic background in forensics started with 5 years studying at the University of the West of England for her Batchelor of Science (BSc Hons) in Forensic Science. She then continued her forensic studies and became a Master of Science (MSc) as a blood expert focused in Advanced Forensic Analysis in 2015.

Anita loves to travel, read books – especially crime novels (true and fictional equally) and play handball with her local team.

Anita has already made a significant impact at West Technology Forensics, working alongside Eleigh on a short piece of research on fingermark recovery from knives.

From all of us at West Technology, we would like to say a big welcome to Anita!!