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New US Sales Executive joins our team!

We’re very excited to announce the addition of Greg Mason to our US office in the role of Technical Sales Executive. Greg recently retired as the Forensic Science Manager at Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Largo, Florida.

In his new role for West Technology Forensics, Greg will be responsible for supporting customer in North America with training, system installation and application support.

Greg brings a wealth of experience to our rapidly growing forensic team, particularly in the area of Crime Scene Investigation and latent print development techniques.

Initially starting as an Identification Technician in 1990, during his career Greg spent nine years as a Field Training Officer and soon began promoting up through the ranks. After two years as an Assistant Forensic Science Supervisor, in 1999 Greg was promoted to Forensic Science Supervisor and would go on 5 years later to become the Forensic Science Manager. Responsibilities included the day to day operation of forty members within the division, crime scene response for the Sheriff’s Office and ten contracting Police agencies, scheduling and budgeting.

Greg has instructed crime scene processing methods and latent fingerprint development techniques both nationally and internationally for the Institute of Police Technology and Management, Payton Scientific and the National Forensic Science Technology Center. For the past ten years, Greg has been appointed a Statewide Forensic Response Team Leader for the Regional Domestic Security Task Force in the State of Florida.

Greg’s main area of expertise is in evidence processing and latent fingerprint development techniques utilizing the VMD process, vacuum and atmospheric Cyanoacrylate fuming, chemical fingerprint development and blood print development.  Having used VMD for nearly 20 years at Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Greg’s knowledge of the VMD process application, particularly on case work and sequential processing, will be invaluable in helping to train and assist our customers in North America.

In addition, Greg also has extensive knowledge in the application of light energy for crime scene searches / trace evidence collection and latent fingerprint development / examination.

In his spare time, Greg enjoys travelling and anything outdoors to include kayaking, boating and skiing.