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The Second Edition of the World-Renowned Forensics Manual Released Openly

The Fingermark Visualisation Manual (FVM) has been updated by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) on behalf of the UK Home Office. It is now freely available on the UK Government’s website, aiming to support the global forensic community, including academia and industry. The manual emphasizes the importance of fingermark recovery in criminal investigations amidst evolving crime types and forensic science disciplines.

Key updates in the FVM Second Edition include new technical developments such as the use of Indandione, Longwave Ultraviolet (UVA) Reflection, and MALDI-MS, alongside updated best practice guidance and health and safety information. The manual aligns with accreditation standards, notably ISO 17025 and ISO 17020, supporting organizations in achieving and maintaining these standards.

The manual offers comprehensive information, from basic to advanced fingermark visualisation techniques, backed by decades of Home Office-funded research and development. Accompanying the manual is the Fingermark Visualisation Source Book (v3.0), detailing scientific theory, validation work, and supporting literature.

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