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UTS add VMD360 to their Forensic Lab

The University of Technology Sydney’s Forensic suite has various specialised instruments available for forensic applications such as fibres analysis, finger marks detection, chemical trace analysis (including paint, fibres, glass, fire and explosive residues), document examination, drug analysis and microscopy analysis.

The latest addition to the Forensic Suite is the VMD360

Vacuum Metal Deposition (VMD)

Vacuum Metal Deposition machine

The VMD 360 (West Technology) is a powerful forensic technique that uses the sequential vacuum deposition of gold and zinc to develop latent fingerprints. VMD can be used on a wide range of non-porous and semiporous exhibits including flexible plastic packaging, plastic bottles, glass, fabrics, firearms and glossy paper or magazines. The technique is quick (typically less than 15 minutes) and produces high quality images with ‘3rd’ level detail of pores and ridge shapes. The developed prints can be photographed immediately.

Full details can be found on the UTS website